DIY GNU/Linux Firewall, Router & Gateway

Once again I had to use my Geek-genes to solve a bunch of problems with a kind of fly flap: A Do It Yourself GNU/Linux Firewall, Router and Gateway for the home network. While most people do not seem to have problems with these tiny little routers and Wifi-Access Points that they get from their Internet Carrier, I recognized that the number of connection-issues correlates with the number of Computers and mobilephones you have at home.

A dedicated machine acts the primary gateway for all devices and allows remote connections via OpenVPN, which is really useful: I can backup my Laptop via Internet đŸ™‚ It took me several days to get it up and running, but that project pushed my Linux and networking-skills beyond somewhere they never have been before and our network issuses have been solved.

Computer hardware is really cheap these days so I could by a kind of high-end equipment for its tasks. An IBM eServe 336 costs me around € 60 on eBay plus shipping from Germany and that bit of hardware (Dual GBit NICs !, SCSI Raid-1 !!, Intel Xeon 3 GHZ !11) should work at least for the next ten years.

Interactive: Freeze by André Seiler & André Motz

Freeze has been developed for the course “Fotografische Inszenierung mittels Fotografie” by Fritz Franz Vogel and “MaxMSP_Jitter von 0 auf 100 in 2 Semestern” by Stephan Athanas in January, 2011.
A trapped person tries to get the viewer’s audience by shouting and crying regularly and asks for help. But if you try to help the caught person, Freezer may trap you.

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Windows Home Server + Mac Backup

Finally I want to show the world a projects that I was working on in my spare time for two years now. Due to the fact that the number of computers at home increased in the past few years, a backup-solution is obsolete.

I have chosen Windows Home Server to backup two already running Windows-machines and three Macs. While the integrated backup-routine for connected Windows-machines works very well, I had to think of a solution for the Macs. Apple’s Time Machine only accepts local hard disks but no remote connections, so they have sales arguments for their Time Capsule-product. Continue reading Windows Home Server + Mac Backup

Music clip: CoLD SToRAGE – Transvaal (Marc Renton & Protone wipEout VIP Remix)

I finally finished my clip for Marc Renton’s awesome Drum & Bass Remix of CoLD SToRAGE’s Tune Transvaal. You are welcome to share the clip with your friends.

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Bachelor thesis: HDR in Motion

This is a very basic / one of my first test-videos. Don’t even think about a nice effect đŸ˜‰ But the result should proof my thoughts about creating a hdr video.

This project … well, I spent a lot of time and money, so I even set up a own blog for it: For more information you can visit Continue reading Bachelor thesis: HDR in Motion

In process: Wikipedia Information Visualization

Think of all those millions who put their energy into Wikipedia day and day to push it forward – and now you’ve got an idea what amount of data is being produced every day. We could use this kind of data for different information-visualizations and that is exactly what I’m trying to do.
One could use all the metadata that’s being generated to get an idea of what article and which topics are of interest of the moment. Of course you could use data like headlines and news articles which is a good approach in my mind, but Wikipedia would be special, because its data is being generated by a kind of average user.
We’ll stay in contact đŸ™‚

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Car 2 X Communication: IAA 2009 – Audi Messestand

This exhibit could be seen at the IAA 2009 in Frankfurt. As an intern at icon incar in Ingolstadt, I developed the animations that explain several Car 2 X Communciation use cases to the visitors.

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Virtual Company: Lichtarbeit

In the second year we had several courses where emphasis was put on setting up our own companies, project management, financials and writing your own business plan. The companies should try to sell products or services that have a focus on what we learn in our study. 5 Colleagues and me founded the company “Lichtarbeit” (translated: Lightwork) and we developed our own tool Lichtbringer (“light deliver”) which has been coded with VVVV – a software that enables you to program visual arts in realtime and that you can combine with interaction elements like MIDI controllers or beat detection and, what we did, an interaction method with Nintendo’s Wii remote. We made some visuals in clubs (eg. Spring08/Graz) and tried to develop the application similar to a rather information visualisation-tool. We were able to stretch the computer screen over three projectors. It was really an interesting work to developing our Lichtbringer.

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Music clip: Bobby Peru – Erotic Discourse (Audiojack Remix)

This was an exercise to where we should try to get a feeling for the rhythm of the music and we had to find the right pictures to underline the music in order to learn the basics of NLE programs like Premiere or Final Cut. Our teacher gave us uncut movie clips of boring dancers that we could cut to a movie clip, but I decided to make my own raw material. I modelled the 3D stuff in Cinema4D, composed and arranged everything in Final Cut and added some effects with After Effects. The humans are taken from Disney’s Tron. Continue reading Music clip: Bobby Peru – Erotic Discourse (Audiojack Remix)