Sneak peek: Orbital, a N-Body Gravitation simulator

Don’t you feel worried that there is no guarantee that our Earth might be kicked out of our solar system? Did you ever wanted to send a rocket to the Moon or Venus? If so, then you should have a closer look to my current Python/Visualising Data-project.
Check it out on my GitHub!

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Nextcloud-Docker on Kubernetes-cluster + SSL certificates

Folks, this has taken me ages (ok to be honest – three weeks, which is still a lot ;-)) to get up and running. But finally, I have made it and learned a lot about Docker, Docker-Compose, Nginx and Kubernetes of course.


In this post I am showing how to set up a Nextcloud on Kubernetes + Ubuntu 18.04. I am running a Nextcloud-instance on a public VM to sync stuff with my phone. Another one (with more data) is only accessible via my LAN/VPN. The first one I am encrypting via Let’s Encrypt (open todo!) and the 2nd one via self-signed certificates.

The stacks are set up via Kubernetes to be able to scale horizontally in the future, since I had to live with some performance-issues in the past. GitHub – andremotz – nextcloud-kubernetes Continue reading Nextcloud-Docker on Kubernetes-cluster + SSL certificates

Processing: Sketch Swarm

Once again I had some time travelling by airplane (12 hours), time that I could use to try out some random thought I always wanted to test:

’ve done my own small world with only two rules:

  • Every particle should move to its individual random destination
  • If you touch each other, find a new destination.

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