Collatz-conjecture Plot

Small Python-scatch I’ve created for one of my upcoming Drum & Bass-EP for Marc Renton – Signal Waves EP

The source-code is published on GitHub: Feel free to improve it 🙂

For details checkout the Wikipedia-article and the Reddit-article:

Cover for the upcoming Marc Renton – Signal Waves EP

Work in progress: Tian Dynamic Light Installation

This Autumn we will finish our dynamic light installation for Tian Restaurant, based in the heart of Vienna. Arduino-driven dynamic moving light-heads will decorate the chandelier and vvvv-powered visuals will add additional atmosphere on top of it.

Currently I am finishing the designs at Strukt of our vvvv-patches plus interface-interaction & design to control the installation via tablet.

More soon

Lifeball Welcome-Life Visuals

Büro Hirzberger asked Strukt for some eye-candy visuals at the opening party of this year’s Lifeball. The welcome party was located in the garage of Vienna’s Le Meridien. As an intern I could use my new developed skills to project abstract and gererative patterns stuff four screens and a 6×5 LED Lightbulb-matrix.