Strukt: MINT Framework

At Strukt, when I currnetly didn’t develop new fancy cool vvvv-visuals or playing around with the Struktable, I was testing  their new MINT-Framework (for multi-touch interactions) and developing test & bug-patches and first applications like MINTmory for the Struktable.

See its full documentation online, check out a posting on vvvv’s blog that Thomas wrote


Also checkout regulary MINT’s own Vimeo-Channel:

Work in progress: Tian Dynamic Light Installation

This Autumn we will finish our dynamic light installation for Tian Restaurant, based in the heart of Vienna. Arduino-driven dynamic moving light-heads will decorate the chandelier and vvvv-powered visuals will add additional atmosphere on top of it.

Currently I am finishing the designs at Strukt of our vvvv-patches plus interface-interaction & design to control the installation via tablet.

More soon

Lifeball Welcome-Life Visuals

Büro Hirzberger asked Strukt for some eye-candy visuals at the opening party of this year’s Lifeball. The welcome party was located in the garage of Vienna’s Le Meridien. As an intern I could use my new developed skills to project abstract and gererative patterns stuff four screens and a 6×5 LED Lightbulb-matrix.

Virtual Company: Lichtarbeit

In the second year we had several courses where emphasis was put on setting up our own companies, project management, financials and writing your own business plan. The companies should try to sell products or services that have a focus on what we learn in our study. 5 Colleagues and me founded the company “Lichtarbeit” (translated: Lightwork) and we developed our own tool Lichtbringer (“light deliver”) which has been coded with VVVV – a software that enables you to program visual arts in realtime and that you can combine with interaction elements like MIDI controllers or beat detection and, what we did, an interaction method with Nintendo’s Wii remote. We made some visuals in clubs (eg. Spring08/Graz) and tried to develop the application similar to a rather information visualisation-tool. We were able to stretch the computer screen over three projectors. It was really an interesting work to developing our Lichtbringer.

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