WIP: Visualizing Wikipedia now on Android!

Currently I am working on some interactive Wikipedia visualizations for my Master Degree in Design and the final product seems to get closer and closer (like the deadline ; ) ). The user is able to type in any Wikipedia-article to get a graphical representation of that topic in form of a TagCloud. The interface is able to visualize annotations like organizations, people or dates that are mentioned in an article. Finally, the article can be compared to a another article, so that one can compare those two articles by their annotations.

I spent the last weeks to get into Android programming & UI-design. Meanwhile I dropped all my former Processing-code, so that I can stick to native Android API. Instead of putting everything into one tool, I outsourced the Text Mining-stuff to second application that runs as a server on my computer. The Android phone/tablet acts just as an interface.

Currently I hope to get everything done in the next weeks and I am looking forward to our first internal presentation in February. I had to drop some former fancy features, but as always, I have to many ideas compared to what is possible in the given time : )

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