Organize frequently visited websites to individual workdays

I am organizing interesting blogs and web pages in folders for individual work days, instead of putting them all into my Rss-Feed reader. The positive site of that habit is, that the page’s content is not shrinked down to a one-liner. News items and blog-entries seem to make more sense in the context of its original web page.

A while ago I realized that I’ve got a certain number of web pages I would like to check more regular, but I just some kind of forgot to do it. So I saved them all in a bookmark-folder and started to make it my habit to check these sides on weekend.

After a few weeks the number of links increased to such a high number, that it would have to spend the whole afternoon, just to look all through my links, although I delete web pages of my routine, if they couldn’t tell me something interesting for two or three times.

So I started to divide my links to four folders and named them after weekdays and changed my routine so that I check these web pages after I’ve done some work.

But wait, why four? Four because I am using a dedicaded day for RSS-feeds. Thursday is Rss-feed-day and when I start my Feed-reader, I get information from pages like pages i don’t want to see weekly but have to check, portfolios and other web pages that do not publish content at least every week.

Now I am using this technique for two years or so and I am quite happy with that. I have to be up-to-ate for some special topics like Data Visualization and my habit can help me to be so. And instead of watching stupid stuff on TV or reading more stupid newspapers that are laying around it’s more like Yay! Time to check some fancy blogs!

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