Exports iTunes-playlists to Youtube.

Small wizard developed for own use that

  • loads iTunes library-xml
  • let’s the user to choose a playlist
  • searches for most recent corresponding songs on YouTube
  • creates a private playlist of those songs with an logged in YouTube-account

Check out directly my GitHub repository.

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Feel free to ask me any question or feature 🙂

1) You can choose one of your iTunes-library playlists.
2) After that the playlist will be processed. For each song, the best YouTube-video will be selected
3) You can choose either to get an iframe-list of YouTube-songs that can be pasted easily in your blog for example, or to generate a playlist for your YouTube-account.

Instructions & Hints

  • Currently ITunes2YoutubeExplorer is far away from meeting usual apps-standards. Unfortunately and due to lack of time.
  • The tool comes with no warranty and you have to build the tool on your own
  • The tool uses ItunesLibraryParser that you can find on I’ve also forked the project to
  • The tool uses JavaFX. While developing the tool I’ve used Oracle Java-SE 1.7. Java-SE 1.7 has the problem that jfxrt.jar needs to be put on the project’s classpath extra.
  • Don’t hesitate to contact me for any build-hints or if you made a fork of the app.
  • You need to update the .property and .json file with your own Google-credentials
  • When running the tool for the first time, Java’s console will print out an unique Google-link that will grant access for the tool to your YouTube-account. You have to paste this link in your browser and grant access for the tool. After that the process will continue

To be updated 😉

Known bugs

  • Scrolling through the list of playlists sometimes throws some JavaFX-exceptions on my MacBook Air but not on my iMac… -> TODO: modern ExceptionHandling 8-)I
  • If YouToube does not find any video, a test-screen video will be listed instead -> TODO: Remove ugly & dirty fix…
  • After uploading the private YouTube-playlist, UI close-button does not work

Features in mind (but not enough time…)

  • User-friendly build
  • Automatic forward in system-browser to grant acces for the tool
  • When generating of private playlist was successful -> tell that the user instead of showing a blank screen
  • Generating playlist in an async-task (so the tool wont block the interface)

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