I’ve started making music at the age of 16. Or maybe at the age of five when I visited the music school, but at 16 I started to compose my own music with a so called tracker-tool, where you can arange samples in patterns. Primary, I prefer all kinds of electronic-orientated musicstyles, but my aim is to get connected with other musicians and interactwith them. For me, music isn’t something that someone does in a small room without windows, it’s more a way to express your thoughts and impressions of your whole environment your emotions.
Time goes by and now I have a basic idea of the music I would like to compose. I always try to compose catchy melodies, so people will remember the songs, because they can relate them to a feeling they had when listening to them . But it has started to really work only since I tried to compose and produce with friends of mine, because they have another philosophy of music and the way it should impress listeners and so we incluence each other. What I want to say is that music is much richer if you think about the fact that it’s all about interaction.

Latest tracks by Marc Renton

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