Processing: Sketch Swarm

Once again I had some time travelling by airplane (12 hours), time that I could use to try out some random thought I always wanted to test: ’ve done my own small world with only two rules:
  • Every particle should move to its individual random destination
  • If you touch each other, find a new destination.
That’s it. Continue reading Processing: Sketch Swarm

Homeserver update: The ultimate backup-system

A couple of months my primary harddisk of my Homeserver crashed. As a result I lost the main system which was Windows Home Server. I didn’t want to set up everything again because I thought there will be the same case again - harddrives are born to die sooner or later. So I decided I to set up a more agile system that I can back up easy. A system that can boot up from an attached USB flash drive. So I switched over to Ubuntu Server. Continue reading Homeserver update: The ultimate backup-system